Becoming More than Friends

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Take a moment for a sexy quick read from when two people can’t help crossing that line in an excerpt from the second book in my HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series, Roll Sound!

The HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series is a BWWM Romance Erotica about the ups and downs of an African American publicist and an Australian actor. The couple fight comical and dramatic obstacles as they fall deeper in love with each other. Stories about losing the battle of fighting sexual attraction while finding love.


“Just a little live music. Do you like live music?”

“Depends on the band,” he took a sip of beer and looked around some more. “Do yoou think anyone will recognize me?”

The people in the crowd talked among themselves. “I don’t think anyone is looking over here. Besides, I chose a dark spot to…”

“Get more acquainted with me, aye,” he leaned his shoulder into hers.

“No,” she pushed him back with her shoulder. “To conceal us better.”

“Yoou know, this isn the first time we’ve been in the shadows tagetha,” he licked his bottom lip before raising the beer bottle to it.

They stared at each other during the long awkward silence. Mya was speechless. What could she say about that night? A fog swirled around Mya, jetting her into the time she was in his arms in the dark at the garden party. They had almost kissed. She had been surprised that she had actually wanted it to happen.

He can get me so hot with just one look, she thought. No wonder he is the heartthrob of Hollywood. So much I could do with his image?

Mya looked down at the floor before fixing her stare out into the crowd that had gathered near the stage.

She began to think disappointedly about his resolve not to hire her. He rather fuck me than work with me, though. That’s not exactly how I wanted my first client experience to be like.

She pictured her ad on a billboard or bus bench. Mya Basset, slut of Hollywood deals. So easy, I get hot and bothered after one kiss. That could be my new slogan. Hot and Moist from A Kiss. Will Work for Dick.

Making the mistake of looking back at Chris, Mya’s neck got hot from the intensity of his overfriendly gaze. Her nipples hardened as she thought about how good it felt in his close embrace. Phantom sensations of his tongue intertwined with hers replayed in her mouth.

Chris’s glance roamed down her face to her lips. He thought about how soft they were. Then, his eyes flicked back to her brown pools. She was thinking about kissing him too. He knew it. Mya didn’t back away as he descended towards her mouth.

Suddenly, a drum beat and guitar riff started. Chris’s head swung to the familiar sound.

“Hello, Haight and Ashbury. We are the Grapes!” shouted the lead singer. Then, the band started playing a cover of The Vines’ “Ride”.

Chris’s mouth dropped open and he turned his head back to Mya. A huge smile spread across his face.

“Wha’s this?” He had to shout into her ear to be heard over the rock music.

She turned and stepped on her tippy toes as to hover her mouth close to his ear. “They’re a Vines cover band that move around Northern California. I had a friend track down where they might be. Do you like them?”

“Yes, well,” he said. “They’re not ‘The Vines’. But a good close second. I love this. This is great!”, he started jumping up and down with the music. Mya joined in and danced with him.

The rest of the concert was spent with Chris buying them a few more beers. They smiled and laughed together while Chris occasionally screamed out the lyrics. Mya jokingly did the Roger Rabbit to the beat of the metal music while Chris squatted his legs and tried to twerk. She pushed him away when he backed his butt jiggle into her crotch.

When “Get Free” came on an impromptu mosh pit started in the middle of the floor. Chris shielded Mya from the crowd and forced her deeper into their shadowed hiding spot.

After a few songs, the mosh pit had seized. People swayed to the slower pace of “Winning Days”.

Chris slid behind Mya. He wrapped his arms around her and made her sway to the beat of the rock ballad. Mya rested her crossed arms above his which had laid underneath her chest. She leaned into him. Her temple rested on his cheek.

This felt nice. Mya was really enjoying herself. She was comfortable with Chris. It felt right being in his strong arms. Letting herself relish in this tranquil feeling was helped more by a small buzz she had from the beers they had shared.

Next, the slow song “In Miracle Land” started when he brushed his lips against her temple. Mya didn’t pull away. It felt nice being in their private shadowed area. It was as if they were a normal boy and girl with normal lives. The demands of Hollywood couldn’t touch them.

One of Chris’s thumbs lightly brushed across her lower right breast. It gently moved up and down. Mya didn’t push him away. She like being felt up a bit. She had convinced herself that she would allow it for a moment longer before stepping out of his reach.

Her passiveness encouraged Chris to move his thumb across her breast so that his hand was now cupping it. Mya closed her eyes when his thumb stroked her nipple while his hand firmly held her breast.

God, that feels so good, she thought. Her head leaned more into his chest. Thoughts of pulling out of his embrace slowly drifted out of her head like sand blowing in the wind.

Chris’s warm breath grazed the side of her neck. Mya’s panties moistened and her pussy throbbed in wanting. She moved her body closer against his aroused form. A part of him grew bigger and more solid as it rubbed along her plump ass.

Then, he moved his other hand to her second breast. Both hands were in unison as they rubbed and squeezed her large chest.

Mya backed into him. As not to bring attention to themselves, her ass slowly twerk up and down his concealed penis. She scanned the bar. When she was sure that no one was paying them any attention, she turned her head so she could kiss up his neck.

One arm pinned her to his chest. Its hand continued to please her nipples as the other hand slid down her stomach and tucked into her jeans. The shock of his bold move made Mya go still. She used both hands to grab his strong forearm before his hand could enter her wet panties.

Mya tilted back on her tippy toes. Her worried face turned towards his. She whispered loudly, “What are you doing?”

“I’m getting’ to know yoou bettah,” his voice was husky and his eyes were dark with determined desire.

“There are people around,” she scanned the room again for any witnesses to their naughty moment. It felt wrong and sexy at the same time. Mya’s excitement heightened.

“They’re not payin’ attention to us. I’m sure,” he told her. His experienced fingers worked over her clit with gentle command. Then he added, “Well, I’m half sure.”

“What do you mean half….”

His mouth swallowed the rest of the question when it came down on top of hers. Their tongues swirled around.

Mya let the last of her resistance fall. One hand went to the back of his neck, holding him close to her face. The other dropped to his hip, leaving his hand was free to continue its descent down. It lifted her panties away from her crotch. Like a snake, it slithered in, and then he hooked two fingers into her moist wet cave.

As his fingers slipped faster and deeper into her pussy, Mya slow, light twerking had sped up its tempo. Her hand gripped his hip and the side of his rotund ass cheek.

Chris suckled her bottom lip. Mya’s body was on fire. A small ball was burning in her belly. It grew hotter and bigger the more Chris stroked against her and inside her.

Soon, she tore from his rosy lips. Mya bit back a moan that was on the tip of her tongue. He licked down her neck.

Mya’s control had escaped her. She looked around the bar and was turned on more by the presence of the crowd. Anyone of them could have seen what they were doing. They only had to turn their head in Chris’s and Mya’s direction.

Chris’s free hand flew to her mouth. He dipped his middle finger inside it. She sucked and nibbled at it. Suddenly, he felt her bite down hard on his middle finger as the orgasm growing inside her exploded. The quick sharp pain was cancelled out by the release of ejaculation in his boxers.

His hand slipped out of her jeans. Resting his head on the back of hers, he inhaled the coconut scent that had been driving him mad since the night they had first met.

Once he floated down from his orgasm high, he nudged her head to have her move her face back towards his. He kissed her again deeply.

God she was like heaven, he thought.

Mya broke the kiss when the bar lights came on. The bartenders and bouncers announced the closing of the bar. She obediently went to walk away but was stopped by Chris’s strong hands hooked to her waist. She looked back at him in surprise.

“I’ve seemed to have made a bit of a mess back here,” he laughed in embarrassment.

Mya looked down behind her. She felt a small damp spot on her ass which matched the spot on his pants. They were confirming evidence that he had cum hard on both their clothes. A shocked laugh escaped her lips as she gawked up at his dazed smile.

Then, he softly added, “Do you mind walkin closely in front of me until we make it back to the car?”

Mya could only silently nod her head in consent. They awkwardly waddled slowly out the bar’s back exit and into the parking lot.

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